Good Shepherd Solar Grazing

Leading the charge in Connecticut Agrivoltaics with Solar Sheep Grazing and Beekeeping

Solar Site Vegetation Management 

We provide complete vegetation management
services for Solar Site Operations Managers and Developers in CT through the safe employment of grazing sheep.

The Future of Agriculture

We partner with solar producers, site managers, and land owners to bring agricultural production back to "prime farmland" and facilitating dual use production.

Clean Local Energy + Clean Local Food

Agrivoltaics is the Climate Smart agricultural strategy CT needs for clean locally produced energy and organic grass-fed, pasture raised food. 

Grazing For Good.

When you partner with us to take over your site's vegetation management contract, you are also partnering with us in making a real difference for people in need. Over 50% of the proceeds, along with the meat and fiber products produced from these solar grazing operations are used to help feed and clothe the food insecure, and homeless population in the same areas these solar sites are located. The rest of any "profit" is used towards operational costs and further capital investment into expanding our operations to help more people. Help us be a part of the solution. 

Dual use energy and food production is just the beginning, together we can also create more wool products to help those without a home that fight the cold New England winters survive the elements. 

This, is proper land and animal stewardship and a way we can "Love Thy Neighbor". 

Why Choose Us?
  • Complete One Contractor Solution
  • Visual Site Inspections Every Visit
  • Help Feed & Clothe The Homeless  
  • Leading CT Agrivoltaic Advocacy 
  • Veteran Owned & Operated
  • Fully Licensed & Insured
  • Members of the CT FVC
  • Members of the ASGA

Learn About Solar Grazing 

Check out these awesome videos highlighting the emerging Solar Grazing Industry:

American Solar Grazing Association

"ASGA is a network of farmers, solar developers and other enthusiasts working to make solar grazing the standard for vegetation maintenance at solar arrays. ASGA is working to set best practices for this emerging and exciting field.  ASGA strives to support & facilitate research into best practices.  Promoting solar grazing is our goal." -ASGA


We are active members of the American Solar Grazing Association!


Free CT Agrivoltaic Consulting

  • Solar Site Operations Managers looking for a better solution than commercial mowing & herbicides for vegetation
  • Solar Site Developers projects in stages of planning, construction, operation, or submitting to the CT Siting Council
  • Solar Consultants and Law firms dealing with the CT Siting Council, CT Department of Agriculture, CT DEEP, Towns
  • CT Farmers / CT Sheep Farmers interested in more information on how to navigate this emerging industry in CT 
  • State or local governing agencies looking for information, resources, or connections to Solar and Solar Grazing
  • Universities, Schools, or Media who would like to know more about local Agrivoltaic efforts in Connecticut

Call, text, or emailing us, and we can set up a free consultation by phone or video conference!


Useful Solar Grazing Brochures & Documents

Solar Grazing Checklist for Shepards and Site Managers.pdf