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Solar Grazing

Leading the charge in Connecticut Agrivoltaics with Solar Sheep Grazing in Torrington, CT


Solar Grazing is a climate smart and regenerative agriculture farming practice that helps redeem farmland taken over by solar energy production, and brings it back into real agricultural production, with managed sheep grazing.

Not only does the local farmer get access to extremely safe and secure grazing pasture, but they also provide complete vegetation management
services for the Solar Site through the safe employment of grazing sheep. This is the "greenest" option to maintain these grounds opposed to traditional commercial mowing and chemical spraying. Instead of a farmer paying to lease land to graze livestock, the farmer is paid to graze and maintain the vegetation on site.

Solar Grazing is safely and successfully practiced all over the world and throughout the United States, however, due to a lack of sheep and sheep farmers, the practice is relatively new to the State of Connecticut. 

A MEssage from the owner of thy neighbors farm & lead shepherd:

First of all thanks for stopping by our page, for checking out our operation, and for caring about our sheep!

My name is Steven Thompson, I am a local Torrington resident, Husband, Father, Farmer, Shepherd, USMC Scout Sniper Veteran, and most importantly, a Christian  and Ambassador of Jesus Christ.

Our Farm's mission is first and foremost to serve, love and Glorify God, and to Love our Neighbors as we love ourselves. We do this by feeding the poor, homeless, and food insecure of Torrington and the surrounding areas for free, both physically and spiritually. 

Our family loves our sheep very dearly, and takes their care, comfort and shepherding very seriously. These are not lost sheep or cast-a-ways, these are our "fur-babies" on four legs, who we helped bring into this world, nursed and loved from their first breath. We take great care in our role of loving and raising these animals, and shepherding them well. 

I have put together this page to help inform the public of our solar grazing farming operation, to answer Frequently Asked Questions, and to dispel any misinformation or uninformed concerns. 

Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates and pictures of our various farming activities including the sheep!

If you have any inquiries please feel free to reach out to us by emailing:

Or call us at: (860) 422-0143

Some Quick Notes & FACTS on Animal Care:

  • We keep a watchful eye on these sheep and visit them in-person daily, and check on them frequently through the many cellular, solar powered cameras we have around the site. These sheep are in no way neglected, abused, or treated with cruelty in any way.  
  • We always ensure a constant supply of hundreds of gallons of clean, fresh water, and they have free choice access to sodium bicarbonate and the right salt and minerals that are necessary for their health. 
  • They are given fresh pasture as they work their way through the vegetation in a controlled manner. These sheep have an endless buffet of good pasture.
  • The sheep are kept inside moveable electric netting fence paddocks that keep the sheep in and any predators out with a powerful shock.
  • They have excellent and adequate shelter from the sun, wind, rain and elements with the vast coverage of the angled solar panels.
  • Our sheep will be grazing on solar sites from May 1st until October 31st during the grass growing season, and then will be removed during the winter and return back to the home farm to receive proper winter shelter, water, hay and the care they need prior to lambing season. 
  • Our sheep receive regular veterinary visits care from a qualified sheep (small ruminant) livestock specific farm vet.
  • Our sheep and lambs are all CDT Vaccinated and regularly evaluated for Body Condition and FAMACHA parasite load scoring.
  • All of our sheep are scrapie tagged in accordance to the law.
  • All of our sheep are Katahdin Hair Sheep which do not need to be sheared of their wool, but shed seasonally similar to a dog.
  • Both the CT Department of Agriculture, and with the Torrington Area Animal Control Office are aware of our farming operations and we are in communication and good standing with both.
  • If you have a concern about or an issue with our sheep, please contact us first, so we can look into and remedy the situation if needed.
  • If you can hear them Baaing, this is how they communicate to one another and call their lambs over to them. Most of our ewes have twin and triplet lambs and while they are lactating and their lambs are still drinking milk, we provide extra nutritional protein supplementation through protein tubs and grain. So when they see a vehicle pull up, or a Shepherd is on site, or a passerby is near the fence, they are either communicating they see a possible threat, or more likely they think they are about to get a snack! But please do not approach, harass, or feed the sheep!
  • We have been absolutely blessed by amazing solar field neighbors who also love and care about our sheep and are always keeping an eye out for them.
  • The Solar Site in Torrington is owned and operated by NextEra Energy.
  • We have been contracted to maintain the vegetation inside of the perimeter fencing beneath and surrounding the panels, and are also responsible for maintaining the front of the site and outer perimeter.
  • These sheep are our livelihood, and we will not allow any harm to come to them and are always looking out for their best interest and to insure they are in the best of health.
Thank you for looking out for our sheep's health, and for your interest in our regenerative farming operation.

Learn More About Solar Grazing 

Check out these awesome videos highlighting the emerging Solar Grazing Industry:

Solar Site Vegetation Management 

We provide complete vegetation management
services for Solar Site Operations Managers and Developers in CT through the safe employment of grazing sheep.

The Future of Agriculture

We partner with solar producers, site managers, and land owners to bring agricultural production back to "prime farmland" and facilitating dual use production.

Clean Local Energy + Clean Local Food

Agrivoltaics is the Climate Smart agricultural strategy CT needs for clean locally produced energy and organic grass-fed, pasture raised food. 

American Solar Grazing Association

"ASGA is a network of farmers, solar developers and other enthusiasts working to make solar grazing the standard for vegetation maintenance at solar arrays. ASGA is working to set best practices for this emerging and exciting field.  ASGA strives to support & facilitate research into best practices.  Promoting solar grazing is our goal." -ASGA


We are active members of the American Solar Grazing Association!


Solar site managers, why choose us?

    • Complete One Contractor Solution
    • Proven Solar Grazing Experience
    • Visual Site Inspections Every Visit
    • Help Feed & Clothe The Homeless  
    • Leading CT Agrivoltaic Advocacy
    • Internal & External Vegetation 
    • Veteran Owned & Operated
    • Fully Licensed & Insured
    • Members of the CT FVC
    • Members of the ASGA

Free CT Agrivoltaic Consulting for:

  • Solar Site Operations Managers looking for a better solution than commercial mowing & herbicides for vegetation
  • Solar Site Developers projects in stages of planning, construction, operation, or submitting to the CT Siting Council
  • Solar Consultants and Law firms dealing with the CT Siting Council, CT Department of Agriculture, CT DEEP, Towns
  • CT Farmers / CT Sheep Farmers interested in more information on how to navigate this emerging industry in CT 
  • State or local governing agencies looking for information, resources, or connections to Solar and Solar Grazing
  • Universities, Schools, or Media who would like to know more about local Agrivoltaic efforts in Connecticut

Useful Solar Grazing Brochures & Documents

Solar Grazing Checklist for Shepards and Site Managers.pdf